At Simply Planning we are good at what we do…

Buying or selling a site

We will give you clear, honest advice on the planning merits of the site and the prospects of securing planning permission.  If we do not think there are good prospects for the type and quantum of development you need we will tell you.  We will also identify the planning risks early and provide a clear, unambiguous strategy of how to achieve consent.

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Scheme design and development

We will work with you, your architects and consultant team to develop the right scheme for the site.  This will meet operational requirements, maximise development and value, push the planning policy envelope, while minimising risk.

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Public consultation

We will help you to identify and articulate the benefits of the scheme whilst demonstrating mitigation for any effects. We are able to organise and attend public consultations

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Drafting and submitting - a planning application

We regularly work with large consultant teams to pull together complex planning applications efficiently managing the process.  We have good attention to detail irrespective of the scale of the project.

We have a retail specialism and regularly prepare retail impact and sequential assessments.

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Negotiating a consent

We are very commercially minded.  We understand the need to ensure a scheme is viable and that there is sufficient flexibility in a planning consent to respond to market changes.  We also understand the need to keep a scheme moving forward.

Above all, we are personable.  Local Authority planners like us.

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Enforcement or appeal

We are experienced expert witnesses and have a good working relationship with Counsel from all leading Chambers.  We have a wealth of knowledge in difficult and complex enforcement cases.

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Discharging Planning - Conditions

Through building relationships with Local Authority planners at the application stage, we can ensure the timely, efficient discharge of planning conditions.

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Asset management

We are able to maximise the value of any asset through the planning process, whether it be the variation of a user condition, additional floorspace or minor amendments.

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Contact us

Get in touch by email on or call us on 020 7935 5880

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